Know Your Toolchain, But...

GSD Tips Issue 2

The way we build applications are done with a mix of tooling; compilers, IDEs, text editors, and others. Knowing these tools well is fundamental to being effective at implementing solutions in a systemic way. Not knowing the tools adds endless interruptions during the process that add up, cause frustration and stress, and generally prevent you from getting shit done. To summarize this tip…

Specifically learn how to do what your doing with the tool your going to need to work in.

Here are some of the specifics to focus on…


25. June 2017

Don't Commute...

GSD Tips Issue 1

Alright… the beginning of a whole slew of short tips on getting shit done.

First tip…

Don’t let the commute be a total time sucking waste.


20. June 2017

Self-Awareness vs. Obliviousness in The Tech Industry

Are You Self-Aware or Oblivious?

I’m not one to worry about people’s opinions very often. I’ll admit I’m one of those people that tends to clear the path and do good by my own intent not for the approval of others. However, life is of course more complex than that. It’s often stated, “perception is reality” for far to many.

But often, to move forward toward my own goals I need to get an updated check of other’s perceptions of what reality is for them. The reason is simple, to achieve my goals and others’ to achieve their goals we all are going to work together on things. It’s a simple thing really, it’s how humanity and society move forward as a whole.


08. June 2017