HashiConf Trip Day 4 - Conference Day 2 - A Short Summary

I’m working on getting back in the saddle after a great week at HashiConf and a weekend away at Seaside on the Oregon Coast. With that, I haven’t had a lot of time to write up day 4, which involved a lot of great talks and conversations. Those topics will come up in some subsequent articles, in the meantime please enjoy these videos I made of my HashiConf Adventures.


12. September 2016

Autopilot Pattern Application Organization

Context: What is the Autopilot Pattern?

The autopilot pattern automates the lifecycle of each component of the application. Whether we architect our application as a single container, in tiers, or as microservices, each container that makes up the application has its own lifecycle, and its own set of actions that are necessary during that lifecycle. Each of these application components are often applications in themselves, like a database server, in-memory cache, or the reverse proxy that fronts our application, in addition to the Node.js, Python, Ruby, or other code that makes the set of components a complete application.

The only caveat I would add here is that containers are largely irrelevant as long as your infrastructure virtualization is programmatic controlled. Of course, hyper-visor based virtualization can be more troublesome or simplify things when building out infrastructure programmatically or from a configuration based perspective. Whatever the case, use what works for your situation. The larger point of all this is to automate things for consistency, reliability, and repeatability.

The way I have started to break out applications into the autopilot pattern is based on what I’ve dubbed three eras:


09. September 2016

HashiConf Trip Day 3 - Conference Day 1 - Presentation Time

Hallway Hacking

Day 3 of my trip, and day 1 of the conference kicked off calmly. I made a cup of coffee with my Aeropress & props to Aneel for planting the idea a bunch of months ago by showing me how he uses it.


08. September 2016