December Coding & Hacking Projects | Top 5 Priorities

As of today I’ve made a few specific decisions that I’ll announce on January 1st of 2017. But for now I’ve got a slew of other things I’m going to attempt to knock out in the coming days. Hopefully I can make them useful and fun to read, if not, that’s cool too since I’ll make use of it!

  1. If you’re a regular reader you’ll get a few pieces of my opinion in the next 31 days.
  2. The plan is to produce one blog entry per week related to Go around the language, toolchain, and hacking around in IDEs and related tooling.
  3. I will be wrapping up several blog entries that you’ll see going live over on Codeship’s Blog. Topics include a bit o’ Jenkins, Go, and what you can get out of Codeship and their respective toolchain and services!
  4. Put together a sick new machine for myself and order by X-mas (no expectation of delivery, just ordering it! - also, blog it!!)
  5. I am putting together some other project work for some un-named companies (primarily because I’m unsure if they’d want me to mention what they’re working on at this time, so I’ll keep that on the down low). But by proxy I will have some reviews of several technologies.

So mark, and go. We’ll all see if I can knock these five things out by the end of December!

30. November 2016

Notes on Go / Future Writings

Go Language Mascot

Notes & Thoughts on Go:

So far I like Go. Primarily because it is just simple. Simply RTFMing it gets one pretty far without any fuss. The hardest part of the language to grasp seems to be the same things I often have issue with, which is the ecosystem has it’s own conventions are related things one just simply doesn’t know. It involves going through the docs and just remembering where the GOPATH is, where the build files go, what the go commands do with the toolset, and related things.

One thing that required a bit of fiddling around with to get figured out was writing tests for Go. The convention to mark tests and have them executed is actually super easy once you know the specifics of the toolchain.


20. November 2016

I Want an Organized Go Project

Hacking @ Peloton

After the last two cookbook style blog entries on a basic CLI with a simple service with Go there needed to be some organization around the projects. Here’s the next steps on getting those projects organized.


04. November 2016