Buying a Leopard!

In the trailing days of 2016, after having moved to Redmond, Washington I sat working at my desktop workstation. This workstation, which still exists, is a iMac with an i7, 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, and a 1GB Video Card with a 1TB secondary drive. The machine is a 27” all in one style design, and the screen is rather beautiful. But as I did a build and tried to run Transport Tycoon at the same time in the background the machine sputtered a bit. It was definitely maxed out doing this Go code build, putting together a Docker image build, and spinning it up for go live at the same time my game ran in the background. I thought, this machine has served me extremely well, at over 5 years old it had surpassed the standard 5 year lifespan of peak Apple oomf. At the moment, I thought, maybe it’s time to dig into a serious machine with some premium hardware again.


19. January 2017

Microsoft's Scorched Earth History and The Current Crossroads

Microsoft is at a crossroads. If you’re not familiar with Microsoft at all, then just go ahead and skip this blog entry. It won’t matter to you anyway, at least not in the grand scheme of things. Only read forward if you’re curious about the conflict, the inner battles, and perverse juxtaposition that Microsoft exists within.

In this article I’ll break out various key points and call them out in quotes as an “assertion”. Such as this

Assertion: this is the assertion I’m making.

The article is also broken out with the historical context, then I’ll dig into the actual dichotomy of the juxtapositions that are in evidence.

First Microsoft Logo from 1975 This is the first logo for Microsoft dating from 1975.


06. January 2017

December Coding & Hacking Projects | Top 5 Priorities

As of today I’ve made a few specific decisions that I’ll announce on January 1st of 2017. But for now I’ve got a slew of other things I’m going to attempt to knock out in the coming days. Hopefully I can make them useful and fun to read, if not, that’s cool too since I’ll make use of it!

  1. If you’re a regular reader you’ll get a few pieces of my opinion in the next 31 days.
  2. The plan is to produce one blog entry per week related to Go around the language, toolchain, and hacking around in IDEs and related tooling.
  3. I will be wrapping up several blog entries that you’ll see going live over on Codeship’s Blog. Topics include a bit o’ Jenkins, Go, and what you can get out of Codeship and their respective toolchain and services!
  4. Put together a sick new machine for myself and order by X-mas (no expectation of delivery, just ordering it! - also, blog it!!)
  5. I am putting together some other project work for some un-named companies (primarily because I’m unsure if they’d want me to mention what they’re working on at this time, so I’ll keep that on the down low). But by proxy I will have some reviews of several technologies.

So mark, and go. We’ll all see if I can knock these five things out by the end of December!

30. November 2016