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Over the past few months I’ve been working, somewhat on the down low, as I get settled into Seattle, the daily flow, and life slightly north of Portland. I’ve gotten a solid footing on things now and am ready to announce what exactly I’m up to. Nothing is hugely surprising to anyone I’ve shared a beer or bike ride with in the last half a year, but for those I haven’t had the pleasure, here’s the details.


26. April 2017

A Coding Ride About

Amtrak Cascades

Today kicks off something I’ve not for a long while. That is, go adventuring about the countryside, while working remotely, and coding solutions while disconnected from the chains of the rat race. It’s a tricky thing to balance between getting shit done and actually enjoying the adventure. But this is the chronicle of the adventure, and this is part one of the chaos among the rigid discipline of the trip.

Logistical Details:

This trip will consist of the following logistical destinations, trip consists, and related measures.

  • Leaving Redmond on Sound Transit Express #545 with Rocket Pop headed to King Street Station.
  • Next up is the 11:15am departure of Amtrak Cascades #513 south bound to Portland.
  • Then I depart on Wednesday on the morning train to Olympia.
  • Then Thursday morning a commute in to Seattle via bus and the Sounder, earlier than is reasonable.

My goal is simple. Code, hack, and come up with some inspiration and motivation over this week to kick start a number of efforts that have been on the back burner. A little trip of this sort, nothing super far from where home is, is always a good introspective time to get things kick started again. Light the proverbial fire!

More on this in the coming days, but today is the kick off. Off I go…

22. April 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of March 13th 2017

Assemble the Charriots

Some completely new tunes I’ve been enjoying.


13. March 2017