KubeCon Keynote Day Two

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Kelsey Hightower, Chen Goldberg, and Anthony Yeh

Day two kicked off (read on for day one wrap up) with Kelsey Hightower, Chen Goldberg, and Anthony Yeh. The big push from Kelsey and team focused their keynote around the development story around Kubernetes. Specifically, that a developers and apps users, should never need to know they’re using Kubernetes. He, Chen, and Anthony all talked about the idea we developers - as I’ll offer is true - want to work within our workflow committing, tagging, and knowing our applications will appear in test, development, QA, UAT, and production as we work.

Clayton Coleman

Next Clayton Coleman from Red Hat came up to talk about “Boring is Good”. I found Clayton’s quote “Red Hat helsp build boring software” to be well stated and also an apt description of how Red Hat succeeds today. Red Hat currently, boringly, runs some of the largest Kubernetes clusters. They use Prometheus to gain observability into those clusters and work dilligently to improve Kubernetes.


07. December 2017

Good Morning KubeCon?

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I hope you’re having a good morning so far. KubeCon has kicked off in full force like the pro-conference that it is. With 4k+ people in attendance the crowds are distinctive, even among a city like Austin. The conference lit off the day with an absurdly early registration time of 7am, and a continental breakfast of some fruit and pastries.


06. December 2017

KubeCon - Arrival, Flight, and Scheduling

I’m on another plane departing Seattle via SEATAC (SEA). An Alaska Air Boeing 737-900 to be specific. The flight is currently en route to Austin, Texas and the vast majority of people aboard are going to KubeCon. The seats, as they always are, aren’t built for any mortal, normal, reasonably sized human being. So we’re all cuddled up annoyingly but making the best of it we can. Seriously though, I’d rather be on an overnight train. I’d rather spend another 24+ or more hours comfortably studying some Netflix infrastructer and chilling out instead of flying, but that isn’t really an option in this giant country, so onward I go as the dream of comfort in transportation eludes me.


05. December 2017