GSD Tips Issue 1

Alright… the beginning of a whole slew of short tips on getting shit done.

First tip…

Don’t let the commute be a total time sucking waste.

There are a zillion ways to get something done and reduce the overall cost in time, effort, and agony of the commuting. Often, it can be some of the most productive time you have in the entire day if handled right and the opportunity arises.

  1. Don’t drive. Seriously, if you drive, it’s a waste. Don’t gimme that, “I listen to podcasts in the car” bullshit either. This is literally one of the least productive states you could exist in besides actual efforts to NOT be productive and NOT get shit done! I could rant further, but for those chained to the cage that have to drive, I’m sorry. Hopefully a better future awaits.
  2. Take transit and work on the bus, train, ferry, lyft, or plane. Whatever mode you do take, if you have to have a commute, make sure you can do something while en route. Especially for anything longer than 10-20 minutes. Once veering into the 20+ minute commutes that is a goldmine of free time that can be spent effectively with emails, writing, reading, researching, or otherwise getting shit done.
  3. Bike. I should not have to explain how awesome this is. Simply you get your heart rate up, you’re active which in turn will increase the amount of time you’ll be 100% throughout the day, and you’re actually doing every single person around a favor by doing this. You aren’t doing work, but if you know anything about cycling to work, you know it amps up your productive day several times over.
  4. Walk. If you have the fortune to walk to work, you’re doing really well in life. See all the reasons under biking to work, plus you get to enjoy a relaxed state before diving into the crossfire of the office.
  5. Don’t commute. Work from home and get a home office or whatever works for you. The most productive commute is not really needing to have a commute. There are complexities to this, but the obvious benefits don’t really need enumerated.

I wish everyone a good commute and if it sucks, hopefully you can shape your future so that it rocks! Cheers!

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