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Sitting at .NET Fringe, day 2. Just introduced James Newton-King. Got a million conversations running through my mind. A lot of these conversations are worth noting, so I’ll just give a quick break out right here.

Docker, Containers, & Windows

Started a conversation with Solomon Hykes (@solomonstre) regarding Windows and Docker Container technology use. I also started a lot of conversations yesterday and intend to have a few regarding these tech elements today.

Workshops in Portland

I’ve had a conversation about future workshops, space, and the requisite needs around that to ensure I can deliver some awesome pending workshops to the Portland audience. Also started a conversation for people that would like to come into town for workshops, and have the assumed awesome time in Portland. We do have amazing beer, coffee, wine, food, and more. Thus any workshop in Portland will have appropriate things for any attendees. This is almost locked in, if you’re curious about these workshops, which will be seriously epic, subscribe here.

Hack Kubernetes Olympia

Talked shortly with @NotMyself, and am plotting to take an Amtrak Cascades trip up to Olympia for a 1-2 day workshop on Kubernetes and related technologies. I’m thinking Docker + Swarm + Kubernetes + DevOps + how to make one’s life dramatically easier while delivering 10x what one could deliver just 5 years ago. This, I assure you will be a blast too.

Windows Server vs… the coders Universe

So it seems that my assumption is safe. A large number of people in the .NET space love C#, F#, (even VB.NET), and other elements of .NET. There seems to be a resounding frustration around Windows OS itself, namely server not Windows 10. As a development OS it’s fine, albeit there are probably as many or more OS-X as Windows machines running and, dare I say at least 2 Linux machines at .NET Fringe right now. (Right @adymitruk) I’m very cool with this, as the pressure will grow to make Windows Server more, how should I put it, “Devopsified” or something like that might work.

Memetic Independence

Ok, I almost started writing something about that in this blog entry, but it’ll get it’s own in the near future. @dsyme hit on a dramatically important topic for the longevity and life of any open source software stack, and very applicative to .NET.

The 9am Summary

So it’s only 9:00am right now. I think that’ll be good for now. Will add more thoughts, observations, and other news bits later today. If you’re wanting help kicking off a project, connected to someone I might know, or otherwise talk tech, coding, and some devops universe topic - I’ll be around, just let me know!