Recently I attended the Elasticon Tour Stop in Seattle with @thebigscaryguy & the Elastic Team we have at the Home Depot Quote Center. I have always dug Elastic Search a bit and after the tour stop & some research I was very interested in Beats too. After that we decided we’d help to kick start the Portland Elastic Meetup again. So I reached out, as usual, via twitter first for a pulse on interest.

I got some immediate interest in a few tweets from @WardCunningham @tweetcaco and others that made me think, “yup, definitely something worth pursuing!

Next Steps…

Next I’m aiming to get a few speakers lined up. This is where I’d love your help. What would you like to hear about? What would you like to learn? Want to learn more about Elastic, Beats, or some other Lucene related, distributed style system, or something inside or even outside of Elastic’s product offerings? Let me know about what you’d like to hear about and the team will make it happen one way or another!

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