Node PDX 2016

Node applications exist at the end of a long, somewhat magical series of tubes. What spells are being cast to make this all work? Let’s find out!

In this talk Adam will explore the steps required to host a Node application on a small, affordable linux virtual private server (like a DigitalOcean droplet). This is not a tutorial, but rather, a walk-through of the configuration steps, background information the role each step plays, and the “why” behind the choices we are making.

Adam Ulvi

The reference implementation is taken from the current production server.

By following the request lifecyle, we will touch on basic tcp/ip networking, DNS configuration and history, node application development, nginx proxy configuration, and basic linux system configuration.

At the end of the presentation developers should have a better understanding of the simple application’s infrastructure requirements, external dependencies, and targets of opportunity for future improvement.

I’m looking forward to Adam’s talk, since I’ve been doing a lot of ops along with my dev work lately. Come check out Adam’s talk at Node PDX.