Node PDX 2016

Artur Paikin

Artur describes himself as, “I’m a web developer and traveler. I write stories about my adventures in Russian and English on my site: and run a small technology cooperative called Baguette, where I work on cool projects, currently building an ambitious next generation file uploader with Transloadit. I ride a foldable bicycle, teach web development and sometimes garden on the balcony.”

Artur has built an open source home automation system called Koti Home (Koti means home in Finnish language). It’s powered by an Arduino connected to Raspberry Pi, MQTT protocol for messaging, Node.js on the client and server, web sockets. You can interact with Koti robot via a React (like the cool kids do) control panel, Telegram Chat Bot and even your own voice.

Arthur will talk about how he’s turned this project into reality — the tech he used and the challenges he faced. From a blinking LED to a voice controlled home automation robot.