Azat Mardan

Introducing Azat Mardan!

Azat is author of many JavaScript and Node.js best sellers including Practical Node.js, Pro Express.js and Rapid Prototyping with JS. He works as a Technology Fellow at Capital One Financial Corporation where he provides expertise in software engineering.

This presentation is for you, if you’re a JavaScript engineer who is interested in deepening your understanding of Node.js patterns so you can create and design Node.js applications intelligently. With the right pattern, applications will be more scalable and easier to maintain. If you aspire one day to become a Node.js architect (or maybe you’re already one and want to extend your knowledge), this presentation is for you.

You will learn from this talk:

  • Starting with basic: what is event loop and callback: setTimeout(), setImmediate() and process.nextTick()
  • The observer pattern with EventEmitter
  • Middleware pattern
  • Module patterns: module.exports et al
  • Hacking object prototype and global refs
  • Factory pattern and pseudo-classical inheritance
  • Async patterns: Async, NeoAsync, async await, generators and Promises

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