Node PDX 2016

Blaine Schmeisser

I’m happy to introduce Blaine Schmeisser. He’s a recent Portland transplant currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at New Relic. He has a passion for building and shipping software and an advocate for pair programming. Outside of tech, Blaine spends his free time with his dog and maintains a simplistic, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Blaine’s “How to Electron” answers questions you have about building user interface applications with JavaScript. Have you ever wanted to build desktop apps with web technology you already know? If you’ve never heard of Electron or just want to learn more about it, this talk will cover what Electron is and how to utilize it to create powerful tools like Atom and Slack. You will learn the history of Electron, how to get started, the trade-offs of picking various boiler plates, and the unique Electron specific APIs that are vital to being a Electron developer.