Node PDX 2016

James Churchill

Portlander James has worked extensively with a variety of technologies, including ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, JavaScript, TypeScript, Knockout.js, and AngularJS. James, a self-confessed geek, enjoys talking about programming and learning new technologies. He recently joined the Treehouse team as a teacher and is excited to have the opportunity to help beginners become developers.

James also enjoys participating in the greater Cascadian Developer Community, presenting talks in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Boise, Eugene, Salem, and Hood River. Last April, James started and co-organized the Portland TypeScript Meetup ( which is an awesome meetup, come check it out sometime!).

When he is not working, he can be found skiing with his wife and kids, remodeling the house, playing music with his band, or hanging out in the yard with his chickens.

In “Demystifying TypeScript Decorators” will show us TypeScript decorators, based on the ES2016 decorator proposal and introduced as part of TypeScript 1.5, provide developers with a way to modify a JavaScript class, property, method, or method parameter using a convenient declarative syntax. We’ll start this session by creating our own decorator, to see firsthand how they work. Then, we’ll take a look at how decorators can be used in a variety of settings.