Node PDX 2016

Jarod Reyes

Jarod is alarmingly disinterested in “how things are done”. He spent much of his grade school years disrupting class, running social experiments and singing love ballads to his teachers. Nowadays he can be found working with an exceptional team of developers at Twilio who are laser-focused on improving the landscape of developer documentation.

Jarod describes Code First Docs as

“My job at Twilio is straightforward, write documentation that doesn’t suck. This may seem fairly straightforward, but it turns out to be harder than an Atari 2600 cartridge. For the last 30 years we have asked developers to do their jobs by equipping them with essentially giant books that we have adapted to the internet age by simply putting them on the web. At Twilio we weren’t satisfied with this traditional approach so we threw out the book and challenged some basic assumptions about creating documentation for developers.

What is the journey of the modern developer? How does documentation fit into their flow? Are there ways to create documentation that enables developers to work smarter, as opposed to interrupting their day? We’ll discuss these questions and more as I share how we got to the realization that we needed a documentation revolution; this is the story of how we raised up code to be the supreme leader of documentation.”