Node PDX 2016

Jon Oropeza

Jon Oropeza is a full-stack engineer at HD Quote Center, a post-aquisition startup solving tricky ecommerce problems for their parent company, The Home Depot. Prior to that, he designed and developed software for the insurance industry with his partners at LifePro Financial Services, and also co-founded a deep learning / computer vision oriented startup called Tilt Video.

Jon will be presenting “Isomorphic Business Logic (Or How to convince even the most die-hard C#/Java/Rails-on-the-Backend boss that you need to run a node server)“ which might just be the talk with the longest title of the conference!

Business logic is all the tricky calculations, rules and transformations that never seem to be in the hot new framework’s example ToDo app. Lately I’ve been finding it’s also the key to convincing clients and bosses that they NEED to run a node layer, no matter what other backend techs they happen to be rocking. In this talk I’ll dive into why and how, including:

  • An intro to isomorphic javascript
  • Challenges that arise from wanting a performant client and server-side verification
  • How this gets exacerbated if you happen to be using a microservices-based backend
  • Business logic - that pesky stuff that isn’t in the ToDo App
  • Story time: A real world example of an app trying to apply the same logic in 2 different languages
  • Isomorphic business logic to the rescue!
  • The close… How all of this translates to ‘you need to run a node server’ :)

Come check out Jon’s talk at Node PDX.