Node PDX 2016

Josh Marinacci

Josh is an O’Reilly author, developer advocate, and recovering engineer. He is currently head of the developer evangelism team at PubNub. Previously he worked as a UI researcher at Nokia, and a developer advocate at Palm and Sun. He is passionate about user interfaces and education. Josh lives in sunny Eugene, Oregon.

Josh will be talking about building a multiplayer casual game for fun. Well, it’s fun until you have to write a server component to run it. Now you have to implement game matching, keeping clients in sync, in game chat, score tracking and more. In this Josh will show you how to use a Data Stream Network (DSN) write a game without any server at all. The network itself can connect users, load clients, and keep everything in sync without having to learn distributed computing programming. Josh will build and play a MMOWAM (Massively Multiplayer Online Whack-A-Mole) game to show how easy it can be.

  • game MMOWAM (whack-a-mole)
  • show mini version of each player on dashboard
  • show current score / level
  • show how much is left
  • random number syncing to ensure everyone has the same board
  • use a random channel w/ tiny UID to let anyone join
  • show number of players
  • start when 4 players in? one player hit’s start? let all player see total count as well and status of the other players