Node PDX 2016

Suchita Doshi

Suchita is UI Lead for the analytics module of Yahoo Admanager Plus team and Core member of Emberjs group @Yahoo, Speaker at Women Who code organization (Introduction To Emberjs/Ember CLI), Conducted Webinar for the TenXList members on EmberJS. She’s passionate about improving developers ergonomics and a hardcore “cricket” fan.

In other Suchita news, she’s opening bats-woman for the Bay Area Cricket Association team! 😀

Suchita describes her talk as “There will never be a “one size fits all” approach to web development. If you want your application to be minimally interactive, then server side rendered HTML would be the way to go, else, if it were a more interactive application, then client side framework would benefit you. Why not use just JQuery instead of adopting these Modern Javascript Frameworks? Think about it! If your application has interactivity on the lighter side, then JQuery would work well, but as soon as you introduce more states in your application, it would then become messier and heavier on the DOM. You would need to use the ‘data-‘ attributes to store the data in your DOM and also remember how to map them with the triggered events.

Here is where client side frameworks come to the rescue. I have worked on several client side frameworks like Backbone.js, Ember.js. Few of the many features I love about Ember.js are the two-way data binding, Computed Properties, the run loop, convention over configuration nature, ease of handling routing and many more. In this talk I would be covering the following:

  • Introduction to Emberjs and why Ember
  • How Ember js makes a difference
  • Ember convention over configuration nature
  • Introduction to Ember routes, components and templates
  • Introduction to Ember CLI
  • Computed Properties
  • Live Demo on how it’s really intuitive in a couple of non-trivial scenarios.

So basically my goal is to attract more developers to adapt modern javascript frameworks and make a difference in the way complex apps are built.”