Peloton Tech.IO

Over the past few months I’ve been working, somewhat on the down low, as I get settled into Seattle, the daily flow, and life slightly north of Portland. I’ve gotten a solid footing on things now and am ready to announce what exactly I’m up to. Nothing is hugely surprising to anyone I’ve shared a beer or bike ride with in the last half a year, but for those I haven’t had the pleasure, here’s the details.

New Job, New Business

I’ve joined Peloton Tech.IO (Follow us @PelotonTechIO), a crew of smart, driven, inspired people that know how to live, love hacking, coding, and helping people implement solutions to the problems we all face. This team is exceptional in a lot of ways. The saying “work hard, play hard”, but really it’s more accurate to say we “work smart, play smart, and relax hard”. More on that in a moment however, I want to dive into some specifics of what I’ll be doing.

Technologies Over the last few months ramping up and working with Peloton I’ve had the chance to dive into a number of new technologies. Some of the most important technologies we’re using right now include;

  • Rancher (Rancher Labs) - Rancher is a container management platform. It, I must admit, is super slip. It looks good, plays well, and offers some pretty extensive capabilities and a plugin ecosystem to envy.

  • - Check out @droneio on Twitter, @droneio Org on Github, and Docs are great places to start. is a continuous integration system built on containers (Docker) and written in Go. It is a truly slick system that is easily self-hosted or however you want or need to run it.

There are, of course, many other technologies I’ll be blogging, writing, and working with in the coming weeks and months, but these are two of the key pieces of technology.

Business Development In the coming months I’ll be keeping an eye out for companies I and the team would like to work with. If you’d like to talk to us about what we do, what we can do for you, or you already know you’d like to work with us - contact me here - we’ll get a conversation started!

Adding to the idea of business development, we at Peloton have also kicked off a meetup group to elaborate, teach, learn, and explore more about the technologies we’re working with day in and day out.

Other things of note… Stay tuned, subscribe to my RSS feed (The full pipeline) or email newsletter, Thrashing Code News (the easier lower volume method), or check out my calendar of events, there are some goodies in there. Over time, I’ll elaborate on specific things we’re doing at Peloton, and fill you in on more ways we can work together, what we’ve got in the works, or you could even possibly join the peloton itself!