It’s not Monday anymore, but we still need some heavy music to debug to. Late better than never, here’s the fire.

Flip this around to some In This Moment with a flashback to the… ya know, previous decades.

A little more hard core to sprinkle on it.

Because I know you love some Disney Frozen and heavy music, here’s a treat for ya.

Code Challenge

ML4ALL Mascot

This is a crazy reverse engineering challenge. Take a look at some of these resources and determine how to find the price and price trend of Seattle housing prices.

Basically determine what the average housing price is and determine an algorithm that you’ll use to determine the growth for the year.


If you provide this in a repo (F#, Go, JavaScript, Haskell, Clojure, Rust, whatever your choice) the top solution (like the top 2 if that many try) will get a ticket to ML4ALL!


If you offer up a machine learning solution (algorithm choice, gathering of data, etc, python, or R, or whatever) you’ll also get a ticket to ML4ALL!

All the luck to ya. Hacking time!