I’ll start with some tunes today. It seems like a good day for a swashbuckling adventure, especially with Halloween tomorrow and all. With the tunes rocking, let’s talk upcoming meetups real quick, then the code challenge and two additional epic tunes to get some coding done to.

Also to mention, next week I’ll be presenting with @Lenadroid at the .NET Developer’s Association meetups in downtown Seattle @ Parametric Portfolio Associates and in Redmond at Microsoft Building 34. I hope you’ll join us there for the presentation and chats after.

Code Challenge

Have you ever eaten at a Jimmy John’s? If you have, or you’ve ordered from them and you live in a city you’ve likely received delivery via a bike messenger. For more details, here’s a video.

However, out in the burbs where people tend to be auto-dependent, your Jimmy John’s is also more auto-dependent. Determine the variables needed to determine delivery rate of a bike messenger versus a car messenger. Then based on those variables write algorithms to determine who will be the most efficient deliverer of sandwiches per hour.

Victor will get…

The winner of this challenge will get a week worth of Jimmy John sandwiches of their choice.

Alright… last tunes.

Insomnium is brutally heavy and intricately amazing. Then follow that up with a good dose of SuidAkrA, with the inspirational attack of Lion of Darcania!