For more on keyboard shortcuts and binding checkout the Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code.

Basic Editing

⌘X Cut line (empty selection) editor.action.clipboardCutAction ⌘C Copy line (empty selection) editor.action.clipboardCopyAction ⇧⌘K Delete Line editor.action.deleteLines ⌘Enter Insert Line Below editor.action.insertLineAfter ⇧⌘Enter Insert Line Above editor.action.insertLineBefore ⌥↓ Move Line Down editor.action.moveLinesDownAction ⌥↑ Move Line Up editor.action.moveLinesUpAction ⇧⌥↓ Copy Line Down editor.action.copyLinesDownAction ⇧⌥↑ Copy Line Up editor.action.copyLinesUpAction ⌘D Add Selection To Next Find Match editor.action.addSelectionToNextFindMatch ⌘K ⌘D Move Last Selection To Next Find Match editor.action.moveSelectionToNextFindMatch ⌘U Undo last cursor operation cursorUndo ⇧⌥I Insert cursor at end of each line selected editor.action.insertCursorAtEndOfEachLineSelected ⇧⌘L Select all occurrences of current selection editor.action.selectHighlights ⌘F2 Select all occurrences of current word editor.action.changeAll ⌘I Select current line expandLineSelection ⌥⌘↓ Insert Cursor Below editor.action.insertCursorBelow ⌥⌘↑ Insert Cursor Above editor.action.insertCursorAbove ⇧⌘\ Jump to matching bracket editor.action.jumpToBracket ⌘] Indent Line editor.action.indentLines ⌘[ Outdent Line editor.action.outdentLines Home Go to Beginning of Line cursorHome End Go to End of Line cursorEnd ⌘↓ Go to End of File cursorBottom ⌘↑ Go to Beginning of File cursorTop ⌃PageDown Scroll Line Down scrollLineDown ⌃PageUp Scroll Line Up scrollLineUp ⌘PageDown Scroll Page Down scrollPageDown ⌘PageUp Scroll Page Up scrollPageUp ⇧⌘[ Fold (collapse) region editor.fold ⇧⌘] Unfold (uncollapse) region editor.unfold ⌘K ⌘[ Fold (collapse) all subregions editor.foldRecursively ⌘K ⌘] Unfold (uncollapse) all subregions editor.unfoldRecursively ⌘K ⌘0 Fold (collapse) all regions editor.foldAll ⌘K ⌘J Unfold (uncollapse) all regions editor.unfoldAll ⌘K ⌘C Add Line Comment editor.action.addCommentLine ⌘K ⌘U Remove Line Comment editor.action.removeCommentLine ⌘/ Toggle Line Comment editor.action.commentLine ⇧⌥A Toggle Block Comment editor.action.blockComment ⌘F Find actions.find ⌥⌘F Replace editor.action.startFindReplaceAction ⌘G Find Next editor.action.nextMatchFindAction ⇧⌘G Find Previous editor.action.previousMatchFindAction ⌥Enter Select All Occurences of Find Match editor.action.selectAllMatches ⌥⌘C Toggle Find Case Sensitive toggleFindCaseSensitive ⌥⌘R Toggle Find Regex toggleFindRegex ⌥⌘W Toggle Find Whole Word toggleFindWholeWord ⌃⇧M Toggle Use of Tab Key for Setting Focus editor.action.toggleTabFocusMode unassigned Toggle Render Whitespace toggleRenderWhitespace

Rich Languages Editing

⌃Space Trigger Suggest editor.action.triggerSuggest ⇧⌘Space Trigger Parameter Hints editor.action.triggerParameterHints ⇧⌥F Format Code editor.action.format F12 Go to Definition editor.action.goToDeclaration ⌥F12 Peek Definition editor.action.previewDeclaration ⌘K F12 Open Definition to the Side editor.action.openDeclarationToTheSide ⌘. Quick Fix editor.action.quickFix ⇧F12 Show References editor.action.referenceSearch.trigger F2 Rename Symbol editor.action.rename ⇧⌘. Replace with Next Value editor.action.inPlaceReplace.down ⇧⌘, Replace with Previous Value editor.action.inPlaceReplace.up ⌃⇧⌘→ Expand AST Select editor.action.smartSelect.grow ⌃⇧⌘← Shrink AST Select editor.action.smartSelect.shrink ⌘K ⌘X Trim Trailing Whitespace editor.action.trimTrailingWhitespace ⌘K M Change Language Mode workbench.action.editor.changeLanguageMode

⌘T Show All Symbols workbench.action.showAllSymbols ⌃G Go to Line… workbench.action.gotoLine ⌘P Go to File…, Quick Open workbench.action.quickOpen ⇧⌘O Go to Symbol… workbench.action.gotoSymbol ⇧⌘M Show Problems workbench.actions.view.problems F8 Go to Next Error or Warning ⇧F8 Go to Previous Error or Warning editor.action.marker.prev ⇧⌘P Show All Commands workbench.action.showCommands ⌃⇧Tab Navigate Editor Group History workbench.action.openPreviousRecentlyUsedEditorInGroup ⌃- Go Back workbench.action.navigateBack ⌃⇧- Go Forward workbench.action.navigateForward

Editor/Window Management

⇧⌘N New Window workbench.action.newWindow ⌘W Close Window workbench.action.closeWindow ⌘W Close Editor workbench.action.closeActiveEditor ⌘K F Close Folder workbench.action.closeFolder unassigned Cycle Between Editor Groups workbench.action.navigateEditorGroups ⌘ (forward slash) Split Editor workbench.action.splitEditor ⌘1 Focus into Left Editor Group workbench.action.focusFirstEditorGroup ⌘2 Focus into Side Editor Group workbench.action.focusSecondEditorGroup ⌘3 Focus into Right Editor Group workbench.action.focusThirdEditorGroup ⌘K ⌘← Focus into Editor Group on the Left workbench.action.focusPreviousGroup ⌘K ⌘→ Focus into Editor Group on the Right workbench.action.focusNextGroup ⌘K ← Move Active Editor Group Left workbench.action.moveActiveEditorGroupLeft ⌘K → Move Active Editor Group Right workbench.action.moveActiveEditorGroupRight

File Management

⌘N New File workbench.action.files.newUntitledFile unassigned Open File… workbench.action.files.openFile ⌘S Save unassigned Save All workbench.action.files.saveAll ⇧⌘S Save As… workbench.action.files.saveAs ⌘W Close workbench.action.closeActiveEditor ⌥⌘T Close Others workbench.action.closeOtherEditors ⌘K W Close Group workbench.action.closeEditorsInGroup unassigned Close Other Groups workbench.action.closeEditorsInOtherGroups unassigned Close Group to Left workbench.action.closeEditorsToTheLeft unassigned Close Group to Right workbench.action.closeEditorsToTheRight ⌘K ⌘W Close All workbench.action.closeAllEditors ⌘K Enter Keep Open workbench.action.keepEditor ⌃Tab Open Next workbench.action.openNextRecentlyUsedEditorInGroup ⌃⇧Tab Open Previous workbench.action.openPreviousRecentlyUsedEditorInGroup ⌘K P Copy Path of Active File workbench.action.files.copyPathOfActiveFile ⌘K R Reveal Active File in Windows workbench.action.files.revealActiveFileInWindows ⌘K O Show Opened File in New Window workbench.action.files.showOpenedFileInNewWindow unassigned Compare Opened File With workbench.files.action.compareFileWith


⌃⌘F Toggle Full Screen workbench.action.toggleFullScreen ⌘= Zoom in workbench.action.zoomIn ⌘- Zoom out workbench.action.zoomOut ⌘B Toggle Sidebar Visibility workbench.action.toggleSidebarVisibility ⇧⌘D Show Debug workbench.view.debug ⇧⌘E Show Explorer / Toggle Focus workbench.view.explorer ⌃⇧G Show Git workbench.view.git ⇧⌘F Show Search ⇧⌘H Replace in Files workbench.action.replaceInFiles ⇧⌘X Show Extensions workbench.view.extensions ⇧⌘J Toggle Search Details ⇧⌘C Open New Command Prompt workbench.action.terminal.openNativeConsole ⇧⌘U Show Output workbench.action.output.toggleOutput ⇧⌘V Toggle Markdown Preview markdown.showPreview ⌘K V Open Preview to the Side markdown.showPreviewToSide ⌃ (tick) Toggle Integrated Terminal workbench.action.terminal.toggleTerminal


⌘, Open User Settings workbench.action.openGlobalSettings unassigned Open Workspace Settings workbench.action.openWorkspaceSettings unassigned Open Keyboard Shortcuts workbench.action.openGlobalKeybindings unassigned Open User Snippets workbench.action.openSnippets unassigned Select Color Theme workbench.action.selectTheme unassigned Configure Display Language workbench.action.configureLocale Debug Key Command Command id F9 Toggle Breakpoint editor.debug.action.toggleBreakpoint F5 Continue workbench.action.debug.continue F5 Pause workbench.action.debug.start F11 Step Into workbench.action.debug.stepInto ⇧F11 Step Out workbench.action.debug.stepOut F10 Step Over workbench.action.debug.stepOver ⇧F5 Stop workbench.action.debug.stop ⌘K ⌘I Show Hover editor.action.showHover Tasks Key Command Command id ⇧⌘B Run Build Task unassigned Run Test Task workbench.action.tasks.test Extensions Key Command Command id unassigned Install Extension workbench.extensions.action.installExtension unassigned Show Installed Extensions workbench.extensions.action.showInstalledExtensions unassigned Show Outdated Extensions workbench.extensions.action.listOutdatedExtensions unassigned Show Recommended Extensions workbench.extensions.action.showRecommendedExtensions unassigned Show Popular Extensions workbench.extensions.action.showPopularExtensions