Golang Execution on OS-X vs. Linux

Recently I was dorking about with some Go code on OS-X. Just working with it via iTerm 2 and using some basic go run whateverthefile.go commands and displaying results out the the terminal. All was well, and then I dived into some code that used so Go Routines. The code looked something like this.

package main

import (

func say(s string) {
    for i := 0; i<5; i++ {
        time.Sleep(2 * time.Second)

func main() {
    go say("1. First thread is running.")
    go say("  2. Second thread is running.")
    say("    3. Thread is running in main.")


26. February 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of February 20th, 2017


It’s a holiday, but the thrashing never stops. Here’s some tunes that I’ve had on during my recent #golang experiments.


20. February 2017

Industry Introspection

Chillin' like Farnsworth

Every few days I like to sit down like an old academic professor and just read and ponder what’s going on in the computer hardware and software industries. As of late it’s been interesting to dive into whatever Elon Musk is working on also; electric cars, solar energy, rockets, or even boring machines. Another thing I’ve had a curiosity in and continue to find interesting is machine learning, or as some call it in the mainstream movie media artificial intelligence.


15. February 2017