Austin via OSCON, A City Analysis

Alright, I’m gonna have some extremely blunt things in this article, with the loaded context that I’ve done extensive studies, analysis, and related research into urban spaces, planning, roadway design, cycling as a mode of transportation, transit, etc. Some of you probably know me well enough to know that, so these comments won’t come as a surprise. It’s all mixed in the tech topics however, and suggestions on how to get more out of a conference like OSCON.

This blog entry should and could be used for informing decisions when traveling for tech events besides just OSCON, but it’s the conference I’m using as a reference point. Some of the suggestions might be a no-brainer, others might add to your notions of what to do and how to travel to these events. Toward the end of this blog entry I’ve broken down these suggestions into: Speaker Adventures, Attendee Adventures, and Staffing Adventures. Before that I’ll cover the low down on things in Austin.


13. May 2017

OSCON 2017 Austin - An Attendance Guide and Review

Another OSCON. I think this makes 6 years I’ve attended OSCON. Each having it’s own unique characteristics while maintaining what makes OSCON, OSCON. But before even diving in I’ll add a few specific observations I’ve made at the Austin OSCON 2017:

  • OSCON is still one of the largest, if not the largest open source conference in the world. It still appears to have some seriously concrete influence in the industry.
  • Even with its size, OSCON seems to be missing a few key elements to bridge connections within the open source world, which I’ll add detail to in a moment.
  • OSCON is a great conference to attend for a deluge of great presentations and related material to advance your knowledge on a wide range of topics.
  • The Expo Pass, albeit it’s sold for X amount sometimes, is generally worth a solid $0-$50 bucks in my opinion. One can easily get $50 bucks worth out of the Expo Pass even if its just to attend one session (I believe that’s included) and to get into the conference area to mingle and discuss topics of interest with fellow conference goers.


12. May 2017

Four Quick Git Tips (AKA Things I Always Forget and Have to Look Up)

Are you ever working in git, then all of a sudden you do a pull or push and boom, you’ve got a request to make a merge text file. Often this pops up as VI or Nano on Linux. But it can depend based on what editor is actually set. Did you know you could set the editor? Obviously you can right? Here’s the details on getting that done in git.


03. May 2017