State for Terraform with Google Cloud Storage (GCS)


Article Code/Config Repository

I’ve started this process by setting up two stages for execution. The initial Terraform execution which will create the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket and then the Terraform stage that will then init that bucket for Terraform State and then create a simple resource.

For phase 1 I have created a simple file that has the provider information in it.


28. September 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of September 25th 2017

Start off today with a little Gray Matter Mechanics.

So here’s the programming challenge. Determine what year, pending we continue at the rate we’re building clean tech energy of solar, wind, and hydro, that we as a planet could be 100% clean energy.

Here’s some starting points.


25. September 2017

Quick Start Connections With Terraform and Kubernetes

Friday is here… a quick sitrep on my practices around Terraform connections with Azure, AWS, and GCP. In the past week I’ve been working on getting Terraform deploying a clean Kubernetes Cluster, then getting connected to that cluster and getting some resources deployed to the cluster. This article I’m just going to cover the practices I’m using to secure connections with the respective cloud providers, but more is coming soon.


22. September 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of September 18th 2017

Ok, previously I’d had a few Metal Monday posts. I’m officially kicking that off again with an extra kicker. Coding problems… but likely not the easy kind. So first, here’s some tunes to thrash the mind awake. Then read on for the coding challenge.

Unleash the Archers


18. September 2017

Technology Talks & Upcoming Projects

I’ve started a new effort to line up some meetups to talk about what I’ve been working on the last few months. This is some cool stuff everybody, so I hope you’re ready for the deluge! Here are the first dates of many meetups and some conferences I’m lining up to speak at. I’ll be diving into a host of technologies; Terraform, AWS, GCP, Azure, (CI in general), continuous delivery, practices, and a whole lot of other systemic things.

In addition to these dates, if you’d like me to swing by and speak, demo, or show some of this technology I’ve got a fairly open schedule and would be happy to schedule more.


16. September 2017

Self-Awareness vs. Obliviousness in The Tech Industry

Are You Self-Aware or Oblivious?

I’m not one to worry about people’s opinions very often. I’ll admit I’m one of those people that tends to clear the path and do good by my own intent not for the approval of others. However, life is of course more complex than that. It’s often stated, “perception is reality” for far to many.

But often, to move forward toward my own goals I need to get an updated check of other’s perceptions of what reality is for them. The reason is simple, to achieve my goals and others’ to achieve their goals we all are going to work together on things. It’s a simple thing really, it’s how humanity and society move forward as a whole.


08. June 2017

Organizing Great Events Like .NET Fringe

In the few remaining hours of .NET Fringe I found a seat, sat down, and just started contemplating the reasons .NET Fringe, and conferences it was inspired by like JSConf, Node Conf, and others are such great conferences. This is the list of reasons I came up with. Each bullet includes a few of the reasons why this is a contributing reason to these types of conferences. I also tried to prioritize them as seemed logical.


07. June 2017

The Victory of Windows to MacOS to Linux

In 2011 I got a Macbook Air for a christmas gift. It changed my life in a huge way. I’d been a Microsoft Windows user for a long time. I’d also been doing primarily .NET C# Coding (along with more than a few other languages) for more years than I’d like to count. But at this particular time I knew that I was at a turning point in what I would be working on in the coming years. This Macbook Air was the gateway into a new realm of getting things done on the bleeding edge. This was something that had truly been a long while coming, and I was more than ready for this change.

My days exclusively using Microsoft Technologies were coming to an end.


30. May 2017

Nuance Dammit

Warning: This write up is rated PG-13 based on the Motion Picture Association of America because it has dirty words and it seems like a laughably silly and subjective rating system that’s as laughable as the need to warn of such things. Hope you too find my use of this rating system as LOL worthy as I do. So if PG-13 is safe for you, read on and enjoy the thoughts!

Note: Also note, that this has political overtones, but I do relate the article to the tech industry further onward in the article, just FYI.

Alright, the word has come up a number of times in the last few months. More so than under normal circumstances and the cause is squarely rooted in our leadership in the White House. Notice my nuance right now, in that I’m now circumventing direct blame in these statements. The leadership we have in the White House, when it comes specifically to speaking, writing, and communication are grossly incompetent.


16. May 2017