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Over the past few months I’ve been working, somewhat on the down low, as I get settled into Seattle, the daily flow, and life slightly north of Portland. I’ve gotten a solid footing on things now and am ready to announce what exactly I’m up to. Nothing is hugely surprising to anyone I’ve shared a beer or bike ride with in the last half a year, but for those I haven’t had the pleasure, here’s the details.


26. April 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of March 13th 2017

Assemble the Charriots

Some completely new tunes I’ve been enjoying.


13. March 2017

A Go UUID Solution - Cooking Go - Issue 001

Go Mascot

Want a UUID generator for your Go code? It’s likely you’ll need one sometime. Well here’s a short code snippet and a review of one of the available UUID libraries available.

The library is avaliable at https://github.com/satori/go.uuid.

With test coverage this library supports the following UUID types. I’ll elaborate on what each of these types are after a code snippet or two.

  • Version 1, based on timestamp and MAC address (RFC 4122)
  • Version 2, based on timestamp, MAC address and POSIX UID/GID (DCE 1.1)
  • Version 3, based on MD5 hashing (RFC 4122)
  • Version 4, based on random numbers (RFC 4122)
  • Version 5, based on SHA-1 hashing (RFC 4122)

First step. Get the library.

go get github.com/satori/go.uuid


12. March 2017